Find Warm Leads On Social Media

Not a cold email. Not an ad. Connect with someone who’s shown interest.

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Connect directly to people who need your product

Socialstrem analyzes social media sites to find you customers. We let you start a conversation just as someone experiences the pain point your product solves.

Conversations about people’s actual problems get astonishing response rates -- 37% on average.

Case Study:
Community Phone

Community Phone uses Socialstream to find consumers complaining about their existing phone carrier. Their sales associates reach out to offer advice, a cheaper plan, and sometimes assistance filing a complaint with the FCC.

Hacker News

Socialstream supports Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Reddit and Hacker News. More coming soon.

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How It Works


Sourcing: Add keywords that matter to you. The name of a problem, a technology, a competitor -- anything you want.

Keyword Query

Sorting: Socialstream uses the keywords you entered alongside machine learning to find relevant content on social media. We show you a stream of posts, and you sort them into relevant and not relevant.

Keyword Query

Reaching Out: You can view the good posts you found in your inbox and either reply publicly or message the user directly.

Keyword Query

Advanced Machine Learning: Much more than keyword matching

Socialstream finds posts that match the conversations you want to find -- not just the keywords you entered. Socialstream understands:

All of this goes on under the hood, just from telling Socialstream what posts you like. We learn what's actually relevant to your business, so results get better every week.

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